Why is the narrator's age at the time of the story significant? what aspects of adult society has he already begun to question?

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The boy is old enough to start thinking about the world of men but not quite old enough to be one of them yet.  He is outside watching from the bushes as the men go into the house with the "bad women."  He sees from a distance the way that men that he looked up to so much can go from being a part of the beautiful and honest world of horses to something that disgusts him and fills him with rage and a murderous desire.

He sees someone like Jerry who can train a horse and watch him run a world record in the mile and then go and take all the credit for it and hang around with "bad women" and be low and lack honor and the cleanliness that he admires so much about the horses and their world.  He wonders how a man can seem honest and true and hardworking and then change and be drunk and low and mean the same day.