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Navarro Scott Mammedaty was born in 1934 in Lawton, Oklahoma. I was stationed in Lawton during my years in the Army and Mammedaty is honored and respected there as a Native Writer.  When Momaday was twelve, his parents took teaching jobs at Jemez Pueblo. After studying at a Virginia military academy, Momaday attended the University of New Mexico (B.A. in political science), the University of Virginia (briefly to study law), and Stanford (M.A. and Ph.D. in English). Momaday has won a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Academy of American Poets Prize and has taught at Berkeley, Stanford, and, most recently, the University of Arizona. In 1969, N.Scott Momaday received the Pulitzer Prize and was elected into the Kiowa Gourd Clan. He is one of the most recognized and talented Native American authors today.  He has written:” House Made of Dawn”; “The Man Made of Words: Essays, Stories, Passages” and “I Am Alive,” in The World of the American Indian”; among stories and poems.

litchick2011 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Born in 1934, Navarro Scott Momaday is a Native American (of Kiowa descent) writer most famous for his novel House Made of Dawn, which ushered Native American literature into the mainstream. He is, by far, one of the most influential writers in terms of contemporary Native American literature. He won a pulitzer prize for this novel in 1969. He is the poet laureate of Oklahoma, and he received the 2007 National Medal of the Arts, presented by President George W. Bush.  He is currently the Regents' Professor of the Humanities at the University of Arizona.

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