Why must we go to school? We can study at home or by using the computer.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You're right - it would be possible for you to stay at home and study the subjects you are currently taking at school. Especially since home computers and programs for presenting learning activities have become widespread and easily available, there are alternatives to gathering in a common school location for the intellectual aspects of a student's education.

However, going to a school setting exposes students to much more than the studying of academic subjects. Students who complete their schooling at home probably won't have opportunities to play in a school band or sing with a choir, may not have access to specialized science lab equipment, and will miss out on other group experiences.

Most importantly, students who stay at home for their education will not get important lessons about how to interact with other people, how to work with peers to complete projects, how to respectfully work out differences with others, how to act and react toward those who have other ideas than yours. In order to become a fully integrated member of society, every person needs to be able to relate to others in appropriate manners that can only be learned and practiced by actually interacting with people.

A school setting offers opportunities to learn and practice those interpersonal skills that one who stays at home will not have. Those lessons in cooperation and coexistence may be the most vital lessons of all for a person's life, and they can only be learned in the company of others.

salimj | Student

That's an interesting question. In my opinion your question technically holds good. These days everything is available in the net and one can easily access to those information. If you have a strong will surely you can learn a lots of things.

On the other hand we must try to understand the real meaning of education itself.  For me education does not mean knowledge alone. It is something more than that. When we go to school we are exposed to a larger community in which we have to mingle a lot in the latter stages of our life. We also come to know more about the human values. We also try to understand the meaning of life. More than that we will be accustomed with team work. Hence going school is quite important than sitting at home and studying.

loraaa | Student

for me,

because the study at home,,,

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