Why are multiculturalists working so hard for reform of curriculum in schools?

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People who believe in multicultural education are working hard for reform in the schools because they believe that the current system is unfair, particularly to members of minority groups.  They hope that reform will lead to a more just educational system that does a better job of preparing people of all groups to work and live in our diverse society.

Multiculturalists believe that our educational system is not sufficient for our diverse society.  They would argue that its content overemphasizes the achievements and the interests of the dominant culture.  They would argue that it makes minority students less able to achieve and it harms students from the dominant group by making them less aware of the diverse society in which we live and how to navigate that society effectively.

Multiculturalists want reform that will place more emphasis on the diversity of our culture.  They believe that such reform will allow minorities to do better in school because they will feel more as if they are a valued part of society.  They will feel that school matters to them.  These reforms will also help students from the dominant culture.  They will learn more about people from other cultures and will do better when they have to interact with such people in the working environment.

For these reasons, multiculturalists believe that reform is necessary and are willing to work hard to achieve it.

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