In Trifles, what was Mrs. Wright's change before and after marriage?

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Minnie Wright is described by the ladies as being a lovely girl who sang in the church choir (like the canary she had bought and probably loved) who wore bright dresses and was rosy-cheeked and positively pleasant before marriage.  The kitchen and her appearance as described by the men who took her in are stark by comparison.  She is sullen, alone, depressed, and not comfortable without her apron which now defines her.  The women comment on how hard farm work is, especially in the isolated area of the Wright farm.  This is why, when they discover the dead bird wrapped lovingly in silk and tucked gently into the sewing box, the women suddenly understand that Minnie did kill her husband for being a cruel and unrelenting man who basically "killed" the songbird that Minnie once was.  They silently come to the decision not to show the men the evidence and to conceal the proof of Minnie's crime under their coats.