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In the beginning of Chapter 8, Mrs. Radley dies of natural causes during the winter. Scout says that her death caused “hardly a ripple” because the neighborhood barely saw her. The only time people saw Mrs. Radley was when she watered her cannas. (8.85) The Radleys were "foot-washing Baptists" who believed that anything that is pleasure is a sin. They were a reclusive family that rarely left the confines of their house. Unlike the other members in the Maycomb community, the Radleys never socialized with their neighbors. In Chapter 1, Scout says that Mrs. Radley rarely crossed the street for a mid-morning coffee break with her neighbors, and never joined a missionary circle. In the small town of Maycomb it was commonplace to socialize with neighbors and visit each other. The Radleys, however, preferred to stay secluded in their house.

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