Saboteur Questions and Answers
by Ha Jin

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Why is Mr. Chiu in Muji in Ha Jin's short story, "Saboteur?"

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In Ha Jin's short story, "Saboteur," Chiu Muguang, who is a university professor, is spending the last day of his honeymoon in Muji, China. He and his new wife are at an outdoor cafe. Chiu is anxious to return home to Harbin because he is recovering from a bout of hepatitis and does not want to experience a relapse.

Unaccountably, a policeman sitting nearby, throws his tea at Chiu and his wife. Chiu, understandably takes offense, and demands an apology. However, all at once, he is arrested for disturbing the peace and thrown in jail. Chiu starts to feel very sick with a relapse, but no one in the jail will help him. Eventually, sounds from the courtyard grab his attention, and when Chiu looks out the...

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