Why does the moon change its shape every day? Why is no sound heard on the moon? Why does the sun appear larger than other stars? Why aren't stars visible during the daytime?

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Why does the moon change its shape every day?

The moon does not produce any light of its own. The light that we see from the moon is light that is being reflected off the moon from the Sun. The dark portions of a moon’s phase are caused by the Earth’s shadow. Thus, the phases of the moon occur due to the relative positions of the Sun and the Earth.

Why is no sound heard on the moon?

Sound waves are mechanical waves that are caused by the vibrations amongst particles. However, space is a vacuum. Thus, there is no medium through which sound can travel. For this reason, no sound is heard on the moon.

Why does the Sun appear larger than other stars?

The Sun is closer to Earth than other stars. Therefore, the Sun appears larger than other stars.

Why are stars not visible during the day?

Stars do not disappear during the day. They remain in their same locations. During the day, the Earth faces the Sun. Due to the proximity of the Sun to the Earth, the Sun’s light reaches the Earth first. The intensity of the Sun’s light prevents us from seeing the light produced by the stars during the day.  

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