Why the modern age can be definSaab age of ' anxiety'?  What are the causes? 

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Actualy, we have to understand the fact that every generation and every decade has its own features..if we have a look in the history ,we will find that the modern age 21 century is better than the first decades even if there are some stresses ans revolution all over the world such as Arabs spring ,wich started from tunisie.

In my view, the causes of this change is because of the change of tradition ,also of culture..even if we find that we are conservative in some beliefs but we add other beliefs that excist in our day life..forexampl, in the past people were listening to jazz, Now we find the people who listen to jazz but other listen to hiphop,or RNB etc...

also the awarness may be the major cause. Forexampl, these revolutions in arab region will give u an idea is that people become more awarness they want to change the rule ,they want freedom...

Hope i did Help.. by the way i am  a university student In Morocco north africa!