Why does Miss Emily refuse a mailbox in "A Rose for Emily"?

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Emily Grierson, like the previous answer correctly states, is someone who resists change. Unfortunately for her, change is everywhere around Miss Emily. All over town, in the fictional Jefferson, Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, society is slowly moving away from its old rule of social and racial separatism. Moreover, old, grandiose names, such as the Griersons', are starting to die out, losing with them all the former glory that would grant some families special considerations. 

All this brings us to the issue with the mailbox. That Emily refused to add a mailbox and become a "regular" among the people comes as no surprise. 

Emily grew up in a time and place where things were granted to some and denied to others. For example, when Emily's father died, then-mayor Colonel Satoris granted the Griersons an exemption from paying taxes. This was not something that the newer generation of town...

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