Why might you agree with this statement on the basis of act four: "The action of the play begins to break down after act three."

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In Act four, the ramifications of Polonius's death (performed in Act three Scene four) ultimately put in motion the destruction of every major character except for Horatio. Claudius decides to send Hamlet to England and have the King of England kill him. Because Hamlet discovers the warrant for his own death—as he relates in Act five Scene two—he has Rosencrantz and Guildenstern murdered instead, decides for sure to murder Claudius, and arranges to go back home for that purpose. Meanwhile, Laertes's rage at the murder of his father, and the way it has driven Ophelia mad, makes him ready to kill. Claudius persuades him to attack Hamlet rather than Claudius, leading to the fatal duel and the deaths of both Hamlet and Laertes. In Act five, Claudius's fail-safe measure, the poisoned pearl, claims the life of his queen. Laertes reveals the plot, leading to the murder of Claudius. None of this would have happened without Claudius's and Hamlet's actions in Act four in response to Polonius's death in...

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