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Why might the issue raised by Carlo Rovelli in this quote be problematic: "Too much of our knowledge revolves around ourselves, as if we are the most important thing in the universe."  

It creates problems when too much of our knowledge revolves around ourselves because the contextual nature of knowledge means that under these circumstances, even what we do know is deeply flawed and incomplete. We are also prevented from developing and diversifying our ideas by this intellectual parochialism.

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There are several problems with the majority of our knowledge revolving around ourselves, particularly if we are unconscious of this bias, and never seek to correct it. First, in the most practical and selfish terms, there is the difficulty that knowledge is always contextual. If you are American, and want to know everything there is to know about American history or American literature, you will need to know a great deal about the history and literature of Europe, including ancient Greece and Rome as...

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