Why might the region of South Asia be referred to as "a land of great variety"?

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There are several reasons why South Asia is a region with much variety. There are many geographical features within the region. These features include the Himalaya Mountains, tropical rainforests, deserts, and fertile regions that are good for farming. The climate is different depending on one’s location in South Asia. In the southern part of the region, very warm temperatures are common while it is cooler and dryer in the northern part of the region. Some areas also are impacted by monsoons. Three different bodies of water surround South Asia including an ocean, a sea, and a bay.

There are many different religious groups in South Asia. Depending on the country, the Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic religions are the most common. There are a small number of Christians and very small percentages of other religious groups such as those who practice Judaism.

There are different kinds of governments in the region. One country, Bhutan, has a constitutional monarchy while other countries have some form of a republic, such as India.

Various languages are spoken in the region including English, Hindi, Nepali, and Bengali.

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South Asia has a great deal of variety in a number of ways.

For example, South Asia is home to a variety of physical environments.  You have, for example, jungles in India, the Himalaya mountains, and the deserts of Afghanistan, all of which are in South Asia.

As another example, you have a variety of religions in this area.  You have Hinduism and Jainism and Sikhism, all centered in India.  You have Islam in Indian and Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as other places.  You have Buddhism, which started in India and is still practiced in some areas of Nepal, for example.

There is also a great deal of ethnic diversity in this area with all sorts of ethnicities in India, in Pakistan and in Afghanistan.

In all of these ways, South Asia is a land of great variety.

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