In "Death by Landscape," why might Lois live in an apartment in a very "tame" development, surrounded by the landscape pictures?

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In "Death by Landscape," Lois lives in two worlds. The one world is her adult life as wife, now widow, and mother. In this life, she chooses a comfortable "tame" dwelling place. Her second life is the haunting of a terrible event from her girlhood that occurred in the wilderness at summer camp.

One year, her best friend Lucy and she went on a week long wilderness excursion. After climbing to the top of a hill, the girls are momentarily separated and Lois hears a scream. Lucy is not to be found. The campers and supervisors are forced to return without finding Lucy. Later, even officials cannot find Lucy or her body.

Lois has refused all these years to believe that Lucy really died. This is why she is attracted to and surrounds herself with paintings of landscapes: she cannot bring herself to let go of her friend and the last time she saw her.

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