Why might the Giver already know about Gabriel before Jonas mentions him?

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The Giver has access to way more information than regular people in the community do.  I can think of at least a couple of different ways that he might have known:

First, the elders sometimes confer with the Receiver about difficult issues.  He might have heard about Gabe in that way.

Second, the Receiver would have been paying a lot of attention to Jonas.  After all, he is considering Jonas to be his replacement and so he would surely have wanted to know all about him.  This seems to me to be the most likely thing -- he would have found out about Gabe while researching Jonas.

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On of the things about Gabriel has been that he is having difficulty sleeping. The giver may have been addressed about the problem with Gabriel in advance of his growing to stay with Jonas' family. Gabriel also has light eyes like Jonas. The giver is able to see colors and may have been aware of the eye color and differences in Gabriel.

I am not sure how much Jonas told the giver about Gabriel until the end of the story, but if Jonas had been sharing information about Gabriel, the giver would know that Jonas has become attached to the child. Because of Jonas' attachment and his awareness of what release means, the giver may have some idea that Jonas will not be able to manage if Gabriel is released.

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