Why might e-government be more important in rural areas of a country than in major cities?

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E-government is a term that is used to refer to the practice of using things like the internet to get government services and information to citizens.  This can be much more important in a rural area because the population is widely dispersed and can be much harder to reach.

For example, in a big city, people can easily come in person to something like city hall to obtain an application for a permit.  By contrast, a person in a rural area might live many miles from the nearest government office.  This makes it more important to have e-government (for example, the ability to apply for the permit online) in the rural area.  The same thing applies to things like education.  A rural area might need to have community college classes conducted online or via telecommunications to people who live much too far from the school to get there every day.  This would not be needed in a city.