Why are microscopes important tools for scientists?

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A microscope is a tool that enables the scientists to look at very minute details that we cannot see with our eyes. A common laboratory microscope magnifies the details by up to 1000 times. With our naked eyes, we cannot see very small objects, a microscope magnifies them and enables us to look at them. An example is bacterial research. We cannot see bacteria with our eyes, but with a microscope, we can see them, count them, look at their surfaces, etc. These details allow the scientists in a detailed characterization of bacteria (and other microorganisms) and enables them in coming up with methods to kill them or engineer them, etc. Another application of microscopes is to material scientists. They can design and manufacture materials with certain characteristics and see with microscopes if the designs are correct. We can also make and characterize nanoparticles with the microscopes. Similarly, more advanced microscopes can be used to characterize the metal content of microbial surfaces, etc.

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