Why the metallic or non metallic character of elements vary depending upon their position in the periodic table?

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Because as you go left to right on the periodic table the electron configuration of elements will change and the numbers of electrons increase, this increases the electron's strength and decreases its ability to lose electrons, this changes the type of reaction the element would have. Same goes for when you are going down the table

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The metallic character represents a group of chemical properties of chemical elements called metals. Metals lose their electrons rapidly and the chemical elements that have this ability of losing electrons are found in the groups 1 and 2 in periodic table and in the central blocks (transition elements). The strength of metallic character decreases as long as you move from the left to the right of periodic table.

The strength of metallic character increases as as you move to the bottom of the group 1 in periodic table. The atomic radius of elements found at the bottom of group 1 and in group 2 increases, hence, the  larger the distance between nucleus and valence electrons is, the weaker the attraction force becomes. Because of this, the metallic elements lose the atoms located on the unfilled shell.

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the metallic character of element vary in a periodic table due to their electronic configuration & ionic capacity.

as,we move down a period the the number of electrons increase by 1 following the other . the metal with outermost electrons 1,2 3 give electrons in order to achieve the stable electronic structure "octave "  .hence the metal having 1 electron can give electron fast then the metal with 3 electron.

ex-  Na- 2,8,1  &  Al- 2,8,2

Na is more reactive then al

as we go down a group the metallic character increase for metals & decrease of nonmetals.

as we go in a period the metallic character decrease while the non metallic character increase.

"for better reference follow the international hloy faith.