why maud Martha keep silent in chapter 18, 25 and 29

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Chapter 18: We're The Only Colored People Here

In this chapter, Maud Martha keeps silent because of a few reasons. First, she feels self-conscious, as she and Paul are the only African American theatergoers in attendance. Second, the other theater patrons appear to come from more prosperous socioeconomic backgrounds than Maud Martha and her husband. The men and women are lavishly dressed and look as if they have never lived in rat- or roach-infested apartments. Third, Maud remains silent because the patrons do not appear interested in engaging in friendly conversation. In fact, Maud observes that the white patrons look intruded upon.

Chapter 25: The Self-Solace

In this chapter, Maud Martha remains silent because Miss Ingram doesn't greet her and never engages in conversation with her. One can argue that Maud could have begun a...

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