Why math, chemistry, physics are important?

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Mathematics is the subject that is of vital importance to any serious scientist, for true science is largely characterized by the ability to quantify one's observations. The mathematician solves problems by means of logical deductions made from abstract models of concrete cases - by translating a practical problem into mathematics and solving it according to mathematical rules and systems, a mathematical scientist can interpret the solution in the context of the original problem, thereby solving it, or using the result to derive new models. Careers in the physical sciences, engineering, actuarial science and statistics are impossible without a sound preparation in Mathematics. Truly, mathematics is the ‘language of science’.

Chemistry is the study of matter, its composition and properties, and the way in which matter changes from one form to another. By studying and therefore knowing how to manipulate these changes (chemical reactions), chemists can make an enormous contribution to improving our society's quality of life. Many of the world's most urgent needs, such as food supplies, materials for housing, and cures for diseases like AIDS have answers that lie in the field of Chemistry. Career opportunities for graduate chemists have always been good, and include industrial plant production and control, education, research and development, and technical sales and service.

Physics is the study of the phenomena that occur in the natural universe, from the infinitesimally small realms of fundamental particles and atoms through to the almost infinitely large in the realms of astronomy and cosmology. Knowledge of physics is essential in understanding and in advancing every aspect of modern science and technology.

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