Why did the massive industrialization of the 19th century fuel imperialism?

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The big increase in industries as a part of the Industrial Revolution played a significant role in the increase of imperialism. As countries began to expand their industries, they needed raw materials. It was much cheaper to get raw materials from a colony than it was to buy them from other countries. As a result, industrialized countries were looking to expand their influence by controlling other nations in order to get resources.

Once the products were made, the businesses needed to sell those products. By having colonies, these countries could virtually guarantee a market for the products that were made by the businesses. This would help the economy of the industrialized country grow. This was another reason why the industrialized countries wanted to obtain colonies.

As industrialized countries began to expand their trade, they needed to protect that trade. By having colonies, these countries could establish ports where their ships could dock and resupply. These colonies could also serve as a military base in case of war or attacks against their shipping.

Industrialization played a big role in the increase of imperialism in the 19th century.

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