Why must manufacturers be creative?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think maybe you mean "why do manufacturers have to be creative?"  I will try to answer that question.

Manufacturers must be creative because they must keep up with the changing demands of their customers.  They must also be creative, if possible, to find new ways to lower their costs and improve their products.

A company that does not change its products in creative ways is likely to lose a competition with a company that does change creatively.  Companies that change creatively can make new products that consumers will like.  An example of this is when Apple worked creatively to invent the iPod.  By thinking creatively, companies can be the first to invent new products and this can help them gain more profit and market share.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Creativity and innovation is a major contributor to improvement in products and processes, and for solutions of problems of all kinds. To that extent all kinds of businesses, and not just manufactures, stand to benefit a lot from being creativity. However, manufacturing enterprise have much greater scope for use of creativity because of the complex nature of manufacturing operations and importance of product design in delivering superior value to customer. As a matter of fact all technological progress can be attributed primarily to use of creativity and innovation in manufacturing operations and product design.

Creativity enables a manufactures to gain competitive advantage over its competitors by developing products that provide better value to customers, and manufacturing and supplying these products at lower overall costs and with improved customer service performance.

billinil | Student

There are many ways thatcreativity in a manufacturer can be rewarded.  The most obvious is that if the manufacturer can design and patent a unique product or productt feature, they hold a market advantage.  If they are creative in the manufacturing process, they may find ways to reduce manufacturing cost or time or improve quality, all of which can translate to a market advantage.  So you see, creativity in manufacturing is all about differentiation which translates into market share and/or a healthier bottom line.