Why managers are becoming very powerful and the respected group in modern society?  

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question presumes that business managers possess power in our social setting.  If this is the premise on which we progress, we can argue that much of the reason why this is so is because society respects power.  Managers exert a great deal of power in terms of the  relationship they hold to subordinates as well as the idea that managers have a direct impact to the generation of profit and success.  Managers have a high level of social respect because of the control and power they exert over many levels of society.  For every one manager exists more people who are subordinates, and these individuals have little choice but to express their praise of this individual through social respect.  At the same time, part of the reason why there might be a high level of social respect for managers is that society feels comfortable placing these individuals on a pedestal for this might continue the replication of power distribution, protecting entrenched interests in the Status Quo.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The question is referring to the ongoing increase in the power and prestige of managers rather than existing level of these. I do not have any authenticated data on the extent to which this is really occurring. However, we can spot a few developments in the existing, social, economical and technological scene that tend to increase the prestige and power of managers in society. Some of these factors are discussed below.

  • Increasing complexity of the business and industrial systems that call for much greater use of management functions. This has increased the demand for managers. At the same time it has also increased the benefits of using better management.
  • The art and science of management is also developing through development of new methods and models of management. Thus the status of managers as experts with specialized knowledge and skill is improving.
  • Use of specialized management techniques is being extended to ever increasing variety of economic and social institutions. In the past managers worked only in business firms. Now they are increasingly working to improve performance of almost every area of human endeavour including organizations such as government departments, social service organizations, cultural organizations, research organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and political parties.
  • Increasing separation of the ownership of businesses from their management. Thus many functions that were earlier were performed by owners of businesses, are increasingly being performed by professional managers.
  • Increasing realization among people of the importance of management, in improving performance of individual organizations and also in improving the standard of living and well being of societies as whole.
raheladera | Student

managers has a very wide responsibility.