Why is Malcolm X important to the story, All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes? I couldn't understand the ending and now I'm in a serious crunch! Thanks dor helping me!- lAX170

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Ms. Angelou met Malcolm X when he came to Ghana to gather support from various governments as he made a bid to visit the United Nations and present the plight of the black American. Ms. Angelou was chosen to drive Malcolm around to his various meetings and had many private discussions with him in regards to civil rights, as well as subjects of a more personal nature. Malcolm showed Ms. Angelou pictures of his children on several occasions, expressing how much he missed them. 

Racism also played a part in Ms. Angelou's life in regards to her role in the civil rights fight. Although living in Ghana, Ms. Angelou took an active role in the civil rights fight by assisting Malcolm X. At the end of Ms. Angelou's time in Ghana, she returned to the states to head up an office of the Organization of Afro American Unity working for Malcolm X.