Why are Major's Teachings Wrong in Animal Farm? Use reasons and events from Animal Farm to prove why Old Major's teachings are wrong. Use the Thesis Statement: "The Character of Old Major in the story Animal Farm denies truths about the nature of evil when he says "all men are the enemy and claims that mans' removal will abolish the root cause of suffering."

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In order to write this essay properly, you must have a good understanding of the tragic character of Old Major. Old Major is "a dream" both figuratively and literally. The dream is on the subject of animals living free from oppression. He truly believes that animals are good and humans are bad, and if it were not for humans, animals would be living in a paradise. The problem with this, as we see in the book, is that humans are seen as evil because they possess the power. As soon as another animal takes power, in this case the pigs, they also become that evil. It is shown that the cause of suffering is not in man alone, but in the relationship between power and corruption. For your essay, trace the corruption of the pigs. Not just Napoleon but even Snowball as he agrees that the milk and apples should for the pigs alone and not distributed.

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