Why is macbeth a trajedy5  reasons why it is a trajedy

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A tragedy is a drama in which the protagonist has a significant downfall, sometimes a result of what is called a "tragic flaw." It is distinguished from the comedy in that it does not have a "happy" or amusing ending. The protagonist's life is usually significantly changed for the worse.

Macbeth is a tragedy because the protagonist becomes enslaved to his own greed for power, then by his own paranoid need to keep the power he has gained. He destroys the lives of those around him, before finally losing his own life. Throughout, he realizes that he has gone down the wrong road, but he is so caught up in fate that he cannot change.

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Also to add to what has already been said, Macbeth is a tragedy because of the inescapability of his fate. If you recall, in Act 1 (I think) the witches foretold that Macbeth was going to become king, however, he was going to die - this serves a dramatic irony and the foreshadowing of his death. It is tragic as any effort to change is destiny is futile.

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macbeth is a tragedy because macbeth being a loyal and genorous person towards the king and scotland was drifted away by ideas given by his wife lady macbeth.under the influence of his wife and the witches he loses his sense of making decisions. due to his foolishness he became a traitor and it led to his downfall. the most tragic part of the book "macbeth" is that a person who is loved by everyone is hated by the end due to his ego.

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