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Tragic heroes generally share a group of similar characteristics.  They are as follows:

  1. The character is of higher status or nobility
  2. Although the character is noble and great, the character has to be relatable to an audience
  3. The character is at fault for his/her own downfall.  The downfall is usually triggered because of some character flaw.  Most teachers refer to that flaw as the "tragic flaw."  
  4. The hero's downfall isn't entirely deserved, but the hero does recognize that his downfall was his fault.  

I believe that Macbeth easily fits three of those four characteristics. 

When the play begins, the audience is told that Macbeth is great in two ways.  First he is a member of the ruling class.  He is a thane, which means that he is most definitely not a lowly servant or common foot soldier.  The audience also learns that Macbeth is indeed...

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