In Lyddie, why does Lyddie's family leave the farm? How is life different after Lyddie's mother leaves, and what are things like for Lyddie in the tavern?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lyddie's entire family doesn't leave the farm in chapter 1.  A bear comes into the house, and Lyddie saves the family.  Lyddie's mother is a little bit insane, and she believes the bear is a sign from the devil.  As a result, Lyddie's mother leaves the farm and takes the two youngest siblings, Agnes and Rachel.  Lyddie and her brother Charlie decide to stay on the farm and take care of it, because they believe that their father is likely to return soon.  

Lyddie and Charlie do an admirable and effective job of taking care of the family farm during the winter. Their life on the farm is fairly pleasant. 

Lyddie's life at the tavern isn't so pleasant.  The owner of the tavern works Lyddie very hard.  About the only friend that she makes there is the cook, who treats her kindly.  Lyddie works hard, and an elegant woman takes notice of her work ethic and gives Lyddie the idea to go work in the textile mills where she would make more money. 

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