In Brave New World, why are the lower castes conditioned to love all country sports?  in chapter 2  line 20-24

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bwarren3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Brave New World, the mass consumption of products is necessary to maintain social stability.  In this case, the Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons were originally conditioned to like flowers so that they would "want to be going out into the country at every available opportunity, and so compel them to consume transport."  However, looking at flowers wastes time and does not promote consumerism because "a love of nature keeps no factories busy."  To correct the problem it was decided

to abolish the love of nature, but not the tendency to consume transport.  For of course it was essential that they should keep on going to the country, even though they hated it.  The problem was to find an economically sounder reason for consuming transport than a mere affectation for primroses and landscapes.  It was duly found.

The solution was to condition the lower castes to hate the country and nature while at the same time conditioning them to "love all country sports."  Sports require equipment that has to be bought, so the lower castes are conditioned to love country sports that "entail the use of elaborate apparatus," so that they "consume manufactured articles as well as transport."

Essentially, the lower castes in Brave New World are conditioned to consume products so that their society may remain stable.