Why are love poems still relevant in contemporary society?  Such as poems like Shakespeare's Sonnet number 18 and 'I carry your heart with me' by E.E Cummings

iklan100 | Student

Love poetry-- whether by Shakespeare, or e e cummings, or Lovelace, or Hafiz, or Waris Shah, or Lorca, or any other poet anywhere in the world, is--and shall continue to be-- popular, ever until human beings continue to love and feel the 'divine passion'.

Whilst we all have our own emotions, our own loves and likes, and attractions, great--sublime--Love Poetry, such as the poems mentioned above by you and many more, can help us to express our feelings and emotions to loved ones and/or to enjoy or feel the emotion of love more fully, more substantially, more deeply, in ourselves, too.

Tis human, then to love; and tis also human, therefore, to seek solace and comfort and inspiration and direction and help, in the great universal tradition or body of love poetry which is common tom our race or species.