Why is the Louisiana Purchase so important?

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The Louisiana Purchase was very important to the early history of the United States. The western farmers depended on using the port of New Orleans to ship their goods to market. They also needed to store their goods there until they could be shipped. When France cut off our right to use the port of New Orleans and to store goods there, the western farmers were very concerned.

The Louisiana Purchase accomplished several things. First, we were able to double the size of our country for $15 million. This helped our country grow and develop. Second, the Louisiana Purchase allowed our farmers to again use the port of New Orleans. This agreement sent a message to our people and to other countries that we would stand up for ourselves if another country tried to push us around. Third, the Louisiana Purchase sent a message to the people of the West that the government cared about them. Since many of these people lived in remote areas, it would have been easy for the government to ignore them and their needs. By working on their behalf to meet their needs, it showed them that the government cared Americans, no matter where they lived. This, in turn, helped the people in these regions remain loyal to our government.

The Louisiana Purchase was very important to our country for many reasons.


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