Why is Lord of the Flies one of the most important masterpiece of English literature?

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danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any great piece of literature must stand the test of time, it must be didactic, it must entertain, and it must encourage almost constant discussion about it. Lord of the Flies, in my opinion, meets all of these requirements. When cultural media such as family guy and the simpsons allude to it in some of their episodes you just know that it's had some impact onb society and in classrooms everywhere. Most importantly, however, is that LOTF presents us with a society in miniature, a microcosm of sorts. Society has its Ralphs, Jacks, Simons, Rogers, and every range inbetween. What happens on the island is what often happens in real life. We need to learn from reading the novel to be aware of the darkness which is potential in all of us, learn to rationally control it, and work together for the good of ALL of society or else we will never survive as a species.

eabettencourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With his "Lord of the Flies," it has been argued that William Golding demonstrated mastery of the allegorical novel.  Indeed, this novel is a wonderful example of allegory in that Golding uses his literal plot of schoolboys stranded on an island to convey his themes about the darkness of man's heart when civilization is removed.  Each symbol, like the conch shell or Piggy's specs, each character, each description of setting is masterfully used to convey these themes.  Also, Golding's use of diction is quite superb and definitely lends itself to his thematic delivery as well.

ego-fantastic | Student

It isn't, it just gets read alot. Golding goes the easy way out at the end.


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