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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In general, lips crack because they get dry.  As the skin on your lips dries out, it contracts and pulls apart in places.  The most usual causes of the skin becoming dry are related to the weather.

For example, staying out in the wind can make your lips get dry.  The wind blows across them, sucking moisture out and making them dry and cracked.

Another example is cold weather.  Cold air is generally dry and the dry air pulls moisture out of your lips as well.

Lip balms protect your lips by sealing in the moisture so your lips won't dry out.

There are also various medical conditions that cause cracked lips, but most people's lips crack because of the weather.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Since lips do not have sebaceous glands (glands that produce the oily substance)they are prone to drying and cracking, when they are exposed to extreme weather conditions (cold, excessive heat or strong wind).

Preventive Methods

- If lips are exposed to wind, there have to be used ointments and lip balms;

- If lips are exposed to strong Sun, there have to be used creams with filtering effect;

- During winter, when it's very hot in a room, it's important to get some moisture in the air (especially at night);

- If lips are cracked avoid lips moistening using the tongue, because saliva does nothing but aggravate the situation.