Why is Lena so against Ruth having an abortion?Why does she always insist that there is a god in her house?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lena Younger is a spiritual woman. She believes in God. She has taught her children to believe in God. When Beneatha talks foolishly about God not ever doing anything for her, she gets slapped across the face by Mama.

Mama Lena cannot figure out where she went wrong. Her children talking such nonsense about there being no God to help them. Also, Ruth is talking about having an abortion. Walter is not trying to stop her. Mama does not believe in abortion. She states that she and her husband were givers of life, not takers.

As coming from an oppressed group of people, Mama Lena had to have something with which to believe. Many African Americans were deeply spiritual. Stemming from days of slavery, God was a source of strength. They prayed to God for freedom and believed that one day he would hear their cry.

Mama is extremely worried about her family who is acting as heathens. She has strong convictions about abortion. She is disapproving of her children in their actions that are so anti-spiritual:

She is also, however, a woman of strong conviction, as is apparent in the scene when Beneatha suggests that God is imaginary but more significantly in the scene when Walter seems to agree with Ruth regarding the abortion. At this point, she recognizes that her family's enemy has been transferred from their culture to their own hearts. Mama is clearly the source of the family's strength as well as its soul.

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