Why is the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. so important?Why is the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. so important?

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King was a powerful figure, mostly because people loved him and has confidence in him. His peaceful style resounded with people much more than violence would have. Many people did not like what he had to say, but it was harder for them to target him because of his nonviolent stance. If anything, this was his legacy not just for the civil rights movement but for all movements since. You get more bees with honey.
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed love was more powerful than hate, he believed the law must apply to all citizens equally and that the law be morally just, he believed that it was the content of ones' character that defined a person...not the color of their skin. He challenged all of us to ask ourselves, what kind of a person are you? and what kind of person do you want to be???Dr. King believed in America's ideal, We The People.. Which is why it is of vital importance, especially in a society that values freedom and strives to aspire to the land of the free that  Dr. King's legacy is remembered.