Why is "The Leap" a good title for Louise Erdrich's short story? 

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Louise Erdrich's short story the "The Leap" possesses an appropriate name based upon the action of the story. The first person narrative tells of the three times the narrator's mother saved her (the narrator's) life. The story tells of the mother's time as a trapeze artist and how she came to jump off of a trapeze blindfolded. This leap off of the trapeze set numerous things in motion for the mother of the narrator. Anna, the narrator's mother, leaped from her trapeze blindfolded at the same time a lightening bolt hit the tent. Anna ended up in the hospital, lost both the baby she was carrying and her husband, and met her future husband. It seems that this leap, the one which took the life of Anna's baby and her husband, was the one leap which changed her life forever. Therefore, the title of the text is utterly appropriate. It (the title) speaks to the singular event which all others followed. 

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