In Why Leaders Fail, what does it mean when it says to lead with emotions instead of leading with logic?

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Leading with emotions and leading with logic refers to how leaders relate to and motivate their teams. When leading with logic, this means that leaders will use statistics, data, and logical arguments to help their team make decisions. However, evidence has showed that great leaders lead based on emotion. This is because most people make decisions based on emotion rather than logic. A leader is able to make an emotional connection with their team, which can motivate them and create a better connection with the message.

For example, leaders who lead using an emotional style can better demonstrate that they can empathize with their co-workers and gives them an opportunity to show their confidence and excitement. This can help their team trust them, create strong relationships, and learn from their mistakes. However, leaders must still be careful not to get too emotional. While emotion is important in leadership, it should not lead to irrational decisions.

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