Andrew Jackson's Presidency

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Why would someone label President Jackson as "King Andrew?" 

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The use of caricatures and drawings has always been used to interpret political actions by leaders and remains popular to date. The press has been known to satirize presidential actions, and cartoons have always featured in the dailies and weekly magazines. The drawings simplify issues that would be deemed complex when presented in writing. Thus, cartoons are more accessible to members of the public who might not readily understand the complex issues presented in a different format.

In the case of President Andrew Jackson, an unknown artist created a caricature of the president portraying him as a king in full royal regalia. The picture shows Jackson trampling the Constitution while holding a veto, which he was known to use as a matter of policy. The drawing communicated the fear that Jackson was abusing the presidential powers by vetoing internal improvements of the national bank. Generally, President Andrew Jackson was viewed as a forceful president, especially by supporters of the...

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