Why is  Kennedy's inaugural Address important to apply in our daily lives? 

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Kennedy’s inaugural address is important in our daily lives. This address focused on the defense of liberty and freedom. It sent a message throughout the world that the United States would defend liberty and freedom no matter what it took to do this.

It also let Americans and people throughout the world know that we wanted peace. Kennedy believed the desire for peace is not a sign of weakness. We should work hard to solve our differences with our enemies in a peaceful manner. Americans needed to hear these words because we were in a significant struggle against the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism. War was possible and our people needed to hear that we wouldn’t hesitate to negotiate to keep the peace. They also needed to know that we would defend freedom.

The address also called for Americans to provide service to our country to keep the world free. Kennedy wanted Americans doing things for our country instead of wondering what our country would do for them. Our government depended on Americans serving our country in various ways.

The words of this address ring true today. We are doing whatever is necessary to defend freedom. We are fighting the terrorists throughout the world who want to spread fear to our people. We are fighting those groups that want to take away the freedom of people. We are working to establish democratic governments worldwide while strengthening our democracy. Our government today depends on people doing things for it instead of the other way around. The words of Kennedy’s inaugural address still have much meaning in our lives today.