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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Benz is primarily known for German advances in the automobile.  He invented and developed the first gasoline powered car.  While others in Germany were working towards the same ends, Benz patented his work to corner the market on it and being so dominantly recognized with German automobile craftsmanship.  The development of the Benz brand is another element that is strongly associated with Karl Benz.  Though he might not have initiated it, Benz's development of the Daimler- Benz corporation label ended up becoming the Mercedes- Benz brand.  Without a doubt, the Mercedes-  Benz label and symbol is synonymous with wealth and prestige.  Around the world, "a Benz" carries a great amount of status and financial security.  In a capitalist world where brands and products end up defining so much about an individual and their place in such a configuration, the Mercedes- Benz brand carries a large amount of weight and stature.  In this light, the name "Benz" signifies a great deal of economic power and autonomy.  Benz's invention and toil ends up deriving the automobile for Germans and his brand name ends up signifying much more in the modern setting.