Why are the jurors of Twelve Angry Men all males and how does this helps in understanding the play?

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One of the reasons Rose chose to cast his 1954 television play with twelve men (instead of a mix of women and men, which he later did do later on) is that, according to the prefatory material in the front of the Penguin Classics edition, is that he sat on a jury in a murder case in 1954 (the same year in which he wrote the play) and was deeply impressed by the fact that the eleven jurors he was with could argue "bitterly for eight hours" and then bring in a "unanimous verdict." He was so overwhelmed by the power of the experience, sitting in the midst of the group of twelve angry men arguing themselves to the point of shared "reasonable doubt" or jointly rejected doubt that he was inspired, if not compelled, to put the experience in writing since it was such a "powerful situation."

nothing stands between the person in the box and the horror of an unchecked government except twelve diverse, reasonably intelligent people. (Reginald Rose, Introduction to Twelve Angry Men)

Having twelve angry...

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