The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Questions and Answers
by Sherman Alexie

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Why does Junior decide to attend Reardan? Are there valid reasons?

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I would say that Junior's reasons for wanting to attend Reardan are valid. Here's why:

Junior's favorite subject in school is Geometry. As a freshman at Wellpinit High School, Junior is actually pretty excited about the first day of class until he realizes something: the Math book he is handed by Mr. P (his Math teacher) once belonged to his mother, Agnes. He realizes with a pang that his school is so poor that it has to reassign books that are at least thirty years old to new students. Subsequently, he becomes so angry at the state of schools on the reservation that he throws the book across the room, only to hit Mr. P square in the face.

Junior is suspended from school, but Mr....

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