Why John Dewey stated that education is life not a preparation for life? about individuals goal in life

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Dewey is a Pragmatist who believes that individuals should fully participate within their environments and settings.  He could not subscribe to traditional metaphysical deductions that sought to divorce individuals from their settings, creating them as passive receptacles of consciousness.  Rather, Dewey felt that individuals must actively interact within and throughout their world.  When examining how this fits into education, Dewey was not a strong advocate of the traditionalist notion of teaching which emphasized on facts and authoritarian structures that divorced students from interacting with both content and one another.  Dewey did not see education as a means to another ends, but rather saw it as the ends.  He understood that education is a process of growth and development and that this can only be accomplished when individuals are willing to create settings where students are able to fully immerse themselves within the nuances of curriculum and content area dimensions.

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