Why is Joel following Jesus in Bronze Bow?

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Joel does not ever completely commit himself to following Jesus, although he is drawn inexplicably towards the Teacher.  He goes to hear Jesus frequently when He talks to the fishermen in Caparnum, and finds that Jesus helps him, by "explain(ing) several points of the Law that have always puzzled (Joel)".  Joel is mystified, because although it is not clear to him where Jesus got his religious training, He obviously knows his scripture extremely well.  Joel says that Jesus "has a way of making something very clear and - uncomplicated - so that you wonder why you never thought of it that way before" (Chapter 13).  Joel is confused, because, like Daniel, he hopes that Jesus is the promised Messiah who has come to free the Israel from the Romans.  In their minds, however, the Messiah will lead the Jews in a mighty battle against the Romans to win their freedom, but Jesus, despite His message of hope and his promise of lthe Kingdom, seems to be speaking of a different kind of liberation.

Joel eventually leaves to study to be a Rabbi in Jerusalem, but before he goes, he expresses his confusion about Jesus.  He tells Daniel, "I wish...but it's too late for me now...perhaps we made a mistake...maybe Jesus is really the leader we're waiting for" (Chapter 20).

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