Why is Joan Of Arc important in the Hundred Years' War?

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Joan of Arc was important in the Hundred Years’ War because somehow she managed to turn the tide of the war in favor of France.  After she did this, the French were able to win the war, though it did drag on to some degree for decades after she was killed by the English.

By 1429, the French side was in bad shape in the Hundred Years’ War.  They had suffered a huge defeat at Agincourt in 1415.  They were led by Charles, the dauphin, who was not a very strong leader.  Then English were besieging the city of Orleans and they would have gained access to the strategically important Loire valley if they won that siege.

It was then that Joan simply went to the dauphin’s court and somehow persuaded him to allow her to lead an army to relieve the siege at Orleans.  She managed to make the army believe in her and she helped to lead them to victories that lifted the siege.  This was a major turning point in the war.  By helping to turn the war around, Joan of Arc was an important figure in the Hundred Years’ War.

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