In the book, Milkweed, why was the Jew being led by a rope around his neck?       

bohemianteacher4u | Student

In the book Milkweed, in Chapter 14, a Jew is caught and accused of destroying a merry-go-round horse. When they capture the Jewish man, despite not knowing if the Jew is the one who vandalized the horse, the Jackboots put a rope around his neck to control him.  The Jackboots use the rope to drag him through the snow.

The Jackboots take the Jewish man to a clearing and strip him out of his clothes. He is freezing in the cold, snowy environment. Someone arrives with a large black hose and aims it at the Jew. The water running through the hose is very powerful. When the hose is aimed at the Jew, the man gets launched backward. He still has two ropes hung around his neck. The ropes only allow him to travel so far before jerking him down.

The men continue to play with the Jew in this cruel manner. The rope serves as a tether preventing the Jew from escaping and allowing the Jackboots to treat him like an animal.

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