Why isn't the Savage aware of the crowd around him and when the he's pushing through, how do the delta twins react? What does the Deputy Sub-Bursar threaten the group?

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At the beginning of chapter 15, John steps off the elevator and begins shouldering through a crowd of Deltas waiting in line to receive their soma pills. John has just witnessed his mother pass away in the hospital room upstairs and is overwhelmed with emotion. John's mind is too preoccupied to notice the numerous Deltas standing in line as he pushes through them. Huxley writes that John's " . . . mind was elsewhere-with death, with his grief, and his remorse . . . " (143). As John begins shoving the Deltas out of his way, they become irritated and annoyed. The Deltas question John, murmur about him, and begin elbowing John in the ribs as he shoves past them. When an Alpha arrives with a box full of soma tablets, the Deltas become excited and their lines move in unison towards the table. The Deputy Sub-Bursar slams the box in fury and threatens to stop the distribution unless the Deltas behave themselves. However, John proceeds to interrupt the distribution and begins throwing the soma pills out of the hospital window, which causes a significant disruption.

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At the beginning of Chapter 15, John the Savage is pushing through all the Deltas.  He does not really pay any attention to them.  The reason for this is the fact that his mother has just died.  So he has his mind only on his grief.  As Huxley puts it

his mind was elsewhere–with death, with his grief, and his remorse; mechanicaly, without consciousness of what he was doing, he began to shoulder his way through the crowd.

All of the Deltas get a bit annoyed at John as he does this.  They all sort of scold him, asking him what he thinks he is doing, who he thinks he is pushing.

Later on, when he needs the Deltas to stop misbehaving, the Sub-Bursar tells them that he will stop giving out the soma if they don't shape up.

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