Harrison Bergeron Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Harrison Bergeron book cover
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Why isn’t the news announcer able to get the message across to the listeners in Harrison Bergeron?

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The news announcer in "Harrison Bergeron" has some very important information to tell the people listening to the news broadcast.  However, he's unable to do so because he has a speech impediment. This handicap is present in every news announcer, which is this society's attempt to make things equal.

The news that he is trying to report is that Harrison Bergeron has escaped from prison and is considered dangerous.  The news announcer is so nervous about this event that his speech impediment gets worse.  Because it's such an important announcement, he eventually gives up and hands the news to a ballerina to read on air.

Soon after, Harrison is shown in the studio, where he sheds all of the handicaps designed to make him equal to every one else.  He has a brief moment to reach his full potential unencumbered by the forced handicaps before he is shot on air (with his parents watching from home).

The story ends with his mother crying, but unable to remember the reason for her tears.  

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