Why is the world running on technology?  

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Technology has made many changes to our lives and has eased our day-to-day work in a number of ways. Some of the technological advances of note are in the sectors of transportation, energy, communication, healthcare, etc. Earlier people used horses and other animals to travel long distances. Technology has made it feasible to travel long distances quickly via airplanes, cars, etc. We have even reached the moon using rockets. Various forms of energy are easily available to us and many of our devices run on electricity. We have come a long way in terms of communication facilities, especially with the combination of smartphones and the internet. Our life expectancy has increased significantly and we have successfully developed cures for a large number of medical conditions and diseases. 

Given the advantages and spread of technology in all walks of our life, we can safely say that the world is running on technology and we are mostly benefiting from it. 

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