Charlotte's Web

by E. B. White

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Why is the title "The Miracle" appropriate for chapter 11?

The title of chapter 11 is "The Miracle" because of Charlotte's writing in her web. When Lurvy comes outside to give Wilbur his breakfast, he sees that Charlotte has woven "SOME PIG!" into her web. Lurvy gets Homer, who declares that "a miracle" has happened on the farm.

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In Chapter 11 of Charlotte's Web, Lurvy comes outside to give Wilbur his breakfast and finds the words "SOME PIG!" woven into Charlotte's web. In a state of total disbelief, he runs back to the house and gets Homer, Fern's uncle, who is also shocked at the message in the web. Homer tells his wife Edith what has happened and declares that "a miracle" has happened on the farm. Homer quickly changes into a suit and runs to tell the minister about the web. The minister promises to tell the community about Wilbur on Sunday during his sermon. Word gets out sooner, however, and people start to flock to the farm to catch a glimpse of Wilbur.

The sight of a message written by a spider in her web can certainly be seen as a miracle, but this chapter is also a miracle for Wilbur. The Zuckermans begin telling everyone about the message in the web, and Homer tells Edith and Lurvy that he always knew that was something special about Wilbur. People starting showing up to the farm, not to see the web, but to see Wilbur. Wilbur gets extra food, attention, and appreciation from the people on the farm and the people who come to see him. People no longer see Wilbur as meat; they are fascinated by him and want to see him, which is something Wilbur has always wanted.

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